We are pleased to announce the winners of the IV Edition of the Composition Competition Torre della Quarda – 2023

Section 1: Chamber music

Winner of the chamber music section:

Simone Movio: Incanto XVI

Duo category winner:

Stefano Bonilauri: Con-Corde

Solo category winner:

Simone Movio: Incanto XXII

 Section 2: Ensemble

Jacopo Caneva: From the fog back into It

 As an encouragement, the organization has decided to award a special mention to Filip Gołdanowski as the youngest participant to reach the final phase of the competition, in the Ensemble category

“Torre Della Quarda 2023”

International Composition Competition 


“Torre della Quarda” composition competition was born with the will to present itself as an event of international scope. The main aim of the contest is to promote the composition of new pieces and to encourage creativity in the musical field, with the hope of bringing to Savona, from all over the world, the best emerging compositional talents. Participation will be open to competitors from every country in the world, with no age limit and no restrictions in regard to aesthetic orientation and compositional styles. This will stimulate a dynamic relationship between an active audience and authors sensitive to creative novelty. The winners will be awarded during a ceremony inserted as an integral part of the Festival and their compositions will be performed in concerts that will also be organic to the programming of the review. A further, but not less important, objective of the competition is its significant opportunity for transversal interaction, both from the generational and geographical point of view. Different generations of composers will have the opportunity to meet. The same phenomena will occur between musical schools of different origin, influenced by their cultural roots, but united thanks to the universality of the music language. 


Jury members

BEAT FURRER (Chairman of the commission)
PAOLO RUSSO (Musicologist – University of Parma)

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